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We are sharing our secrets with our students that took us forever to perfect as we brought our knowledge and expertise into this multi-million dollar industry! It's all in the technique of blending and shading, that has made Sabby Beauty Inc stand out from the rest, as most consumers long for a more natural and realistic look. After training, you will unlock unlimited income potential as a Ombré Powder Brow Artist!

Certificate Program

Complete our online training course and receive a Certificate of completion from Sabby Beauty Academy.

Learn At Your Own Pace

You can pause, rewind, and rewatch as many times as you need.

Take The Course Anywhere

On your phone, ipad, laptop, or computer. So you can start immediately upon registration.


  • Requirements for a tattoo permit
  • How to obtain a tattoo permit in Mecklenburg county
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certification
  • Insurance
  •  Included Supplies
  • Recommended Supplies
  • Important Tools You May need
  • How to obtain clients & apps to download
  • How to edit your photos
  • 6 Figure Breakdown
  • Cross contamination & waste disposal
  • How to set up & prepare for our appointment
  • Work station set up etc..
  •  Skin Anatomy 
  • Contraindications
  • Client Consultation & FAQ'S
  • Permanent Makeup Aftercare
  • Aftercare & healing process
  • Consent forms
  • Prior to appointment & pre-procedure instructions
  • Ombre Powder Brows
  • Microblading
  • Microshading AKA Combo Brows
  • Golden ratio
  • String method brow mapping
  • String method brow mapping with concealer
  • How to use Sabby Beauty Pro Outline Stickers
  • How to use the Phi App
  • How to choose the best brow shape for your client
  • Drawing brow shapes
  • Undertones VS skintones
  • Undertones VS sub-undertones
  • Color wheel
  • Fitzpatrick scale
  • Permablend pigments
  • My most commonly used pigment mixtures & color guide
  • Pigments i use
  • Color correction & cover ups
  • Color correction color guide & procedure steps
  • Needles used for procedure
  • Color implantation applicators and color implantation
  • Different types of numbing cream
  • Numbing the skin before brow mapping
  • Numbing the skin after brow mapping
  • Lets begin the procedure
  •  Color swatching & color selection
  • Numbing & prepping the skin
  • 1st pass right brow; breaking the skin
  • 2nd pass right brow 
  • 3rd pass right brow
  • 1st pass left brow; breaking the skin
  • 2nd pass left brow 
  • 3rd pass left brow
  • Ombre effect on the front of brows
  • Final touches
  • Saturation & brow reveal
  • Final results of brow model
  • After care & healing process
  • Touchups

Hi, I'm Sabby

SABBY BEAUTY ACADEMY is one of the most recognized and trusted Ombre Powder Brows training academies in the United States. Our courses offer the highest quality of education using state of the art techniques and products.


Master artist & instructor Sabby holds over 10 certifications from training world-wide. Master Sabby is dedicated and passionate in helping her students succeed by sharing all her knowledge and industry secrets to master their craft and build their own successful business in the Ombre Powder Brow & PMU industry.


What’s Included?


This is a 14 module online training program, which gives you a certificate upon completion.


You will receive a FREE pro kit full of high quality products that Master artist Sabby uses on her own clients.


Exclusive access to our private support group. Network with other artist around the globe where you will receive continuous support.

Enroll Today for only $1499 $499 To Get Your Free Starter Kit!

  • Our starter kit has everything to get your through your first 10 clients
  • High Quality products that Sabby uses on her own clients
  • It has a retail value of $500





  • This is a 15-module online training course, which gives you a certificate upon completion.
  •  ​It's safe to learn at home.
  •  ​You have the time now to look towards the future.
  •  ​You can learn at your own pace: pause, rewind, rewatch as many times as you need.
  •  ​You can take the course on your phone, iPad, laptop, or computer.
  •  ​You can start immediately upon registration!

Once you complete your purchase, you will be automatically enrolled to the course and a confirmation email will be sent shortly after with your login information. You will have 6 MTHS, unlimited access to the course from the date of purchase.

No, this course does not come with a kit however, this course is priced less then a hands on training so you are able to get some recommended supplies to practice along. Noting is actually required  to buy to enroll in the training. i have linked the Ombre Powder Brow Course Kit above if you would like to purchase.

Yes, the course will expire 6 months after your enrollment. So please maximize your enrollment period. You can start, stop, Pause and rewind as much as you need to during your enrollment period. 

Yes ,our courses are for both. our courses cover everything a beginner needs to know including some industry secrets. Our courses cover everything including techniques, tips & tricks that most trainers don't include expecting you to already know or to go find out on your own. For advanced artists, who want to perfect their skills or learn a new technique. It's great for those who attended a training that left them clueless or feeling unprepared. Everyone struggles with something and learning a new way can help your skills improve tremendously if trained by an experienced and skilled instructor like Sabby.

Yes, Once you complete a any of our courses and get at least a 75% on the Final Exam you will be issued a certificate of completion at the end generated through this portal or via email to have printed.

Once you complete the online training and receive your certificate, Sabby will have you added to our private facebook support groups where you will have lifetime support form Sabby, other  artists, and a host of other previous students or  just like you who have recently entered the world of Permanent Makeup.  

Our ongoing support is unlimited!! Therefore, if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to post in our groups and someone will be willing to help you or answer your questions. If you need to reach me or have a question during training, please let us know via email and we can schedule a call if needed. Email will be given after enrollment.

In this industry the sky is the limit! You can charge anywhere from $300 - $1000+ per client!

Some students are comfortable enough and practice enough to be able to start working on clients on their own successfully after training. However, we recommend that you come in for a live model session at least once to work under direct supervision & guidance from your instructor or attend a private training that includes a live model when you are ready. If You submit pictures of your practice skins/brow mapping models i can critique you and let you know when i think you are ready.  After you enroll in your Ombre Powder Brow Training you will receive a special One Time Offer to purchase your student Model Session with Sabby for only $600  $300  That you can use whenever you are ready.

Kathy Dykes

I took the Sabby Beauty online Powder Brow Course and it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!! So much information was packed into this course and it was very well put together, I'd HIGHLY recommend taking this course and it's improved my life immensely.

Ariana Wright

I recently took Sabby's Microblading and Ombre class. She's extremely knowledgeable and willing to help as much as possible. She gives more than enough info needed to start our own careers in PMU. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get training, or for services. She's very detailed and great at what she does!

Natasha Holt

I would recommend all her services and trainings. She is very professional and talented and will have you looking flawless! She's clearly THE BEST! Thank me later! I love her!



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